Versatile Series

All new “easy fit” Vertical and Horizontal range.

The all in one Aquabox System for Domestic and Commercial clean water applications. The Aquabox System makes plumbing easy, with less work, creating more space and less noise for greater comfort. A cost effective plug & play system.

Classic Series

The trusted Original range for transporting clean water.

The Classic Aquabox System, recognized for quality and efficiency for all your Domestic and Commercial clean water applications.

Space Saver Series

The Compact Range.

A compact system design, still the same incredible Features and Benefits of the Classic series for narrow and limited spaces.

Slimline Series

The Slim Range.

A slender compact system design, still the same incredible Features and Benefits of the Classic series for narrow and limited spaces.

Velocity Series

The Variable Speed  Range.

A smart Variable Speed system design, giving you the same incredible Features and Benefits of the Classic series – but with more room to play.

Dynamic Series

Dual Pump Range.

It’s Dual powered design for storing clean and potable water with reliable high constant pressure.

Sub Aquaterra Series

Underground Range.

It’s strong and durable design for storing clean and potable water underground with reliable high constant pressure.

SCUBA Series

The Lowara SC205 Scuba, is a 5” Close Coupled Multistage submersible pump

(0.55kw) with Electrical motor cooled by pumped liquid which is WRAS compliant.

The Lowara Scuba can be installed in vertical and horizontal positions.
The pumps low noise tolerance, stainless steel structure, “Double Mechanical Seals” system and engineered motor is designed for constant use.

Pressure Controller

Starts the pump at the minimum water request and protects against dry running.

Inspectional and integrated check valve, integrated pressure gauge, smart auto reset and anti-seize function are standard.

GENYO Series

The Lowara Genyo electronic control and protection system

Designed with pressure sensors, delivers constant water pressure on demand.
The Genyo enables automatic control of pump start up and shut down based on actual water demand, preventing any pressure fluctuations.
The 8 amp Genyo controller has built in dry run protection to safe guard your pump.
Genyo integrates multiple system controls into a single device.


The Tanks is manufactured from medium density recyclable polyethylene with UV light stabilizer for outdoor endurance, they are compact and strong. The Tanks light weight design makes for easy transportation and installation.

Acoustic Mats

Product information

    • Dimensions: 1700mm in Length x 800mm in Width x 10mm in Depth.

Features and benefits

  • Extremely robust blue woven polyethylene outer protective covering.
  • Dense automotive industrial acoustic inner materials for optimum noise reduction.

Universal Insulation Jackets

Product information

    • Comes with 6 piece panel wrap around jacket & Adhesive tape
    • Polyester Insulation Fibre
    • 100 Micron Polyethylene

Features and benefits

  • Non-collapsible materials
  • Prevents dust build-up
  • Anti-freeze capabilities
  • Inhibits bacteria growth
  • Tough and Durable

Insulation Jackets

Product information

    • Fire resistant
    • Comes with Two piece wrap around jacket & tape

Features and benefits

  • Will not rot or degrade in use. Resilient and non-combustible
  • Wrap up your tank to protect it from potential damage from freezing

Drip Trays

Tough impact resistant plastic, non- corrosive durable and long-lasting.

Ideal for catching drips and leaks for all Aquabox Systems Tanks

8lt In/Out Pressure Tanks

Non Replaceable Membrane Potable Water Series Tank

In fix membrane potable water tanks, water is between stainless steel connection tube, food-grade diaphragm. By help of this tank design, water quality will not be polluted by the internal part of tank metal body and also external environments.

All tanks have stainless steel connection to provide hygienic standards for potable water.

Durability; In EDS GLOBAL potable water tanks, valve cores have been adopted for high pressure resistance. Air valves has additional sealing component, so that the gas tightness is very good.

EDS GLOBAL applies also high pressure water resistance test to each of the products with experimental pressure before leaving the factory.



dn25 1″ pn40 Brass Ball Valve

Brass Valve high Performance Male / Female Valve 1 inch BSP DN25 Water Pipe Valve with red Handle.

Ball-cock / Valve assy

Brass Ball Cock and float Valve Assy

Complete control of the amount of water flow into water tank and maintaining the correct water level to insure no overflow.


Braided Stainless Steel Water Hose

Stainless steel braided EPDM lined water hose provides a safe and taint free conveyance of potable water supplies.

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